Full Cream Milk

Milk is widely recognized as a nutritious drink for people of all ages — it is a good source of protein, calcium, vitamin D, potassium and other vitamins and minerals. CREATIVE Full Cream milk is a sterilized, homogenized & standardized milk, heat treated at a high temperature so it can be stored for longer.

Lite Milk

CREATIVE Lite milk contains all the goodness of full cream milk with less than 2% fat. Great for those who want a little less fat in their milk, but still want to enjoy the deliciously creamy, smooth consistency of full cream milk. It’s the best of both worlds! Our lite milk has no added permeate or stabilisers, just great taste without the fat!

Skim Milk

For those who really want all the taste and none of the fat, then our CREATIVE skim milk is for you. Skim milk serves as an excellent nutritional substitute for whole milk, and it is the more favourable choice if you are on a reduced fat diet or have a higher risk of heart disease. As part of a low fat, balanced diet, combined with regular exercise, it can help people stay in shape.